The Masterclass will take place at Normansfield Theatre in Teddington (London).

The dates will be agreed with students and the masterclass confirmed 

once the minimum number of students will be reached. 

To apply: send your request via the contact form 
and you will receive all the necessary istructions.






"BRAINARM - non-musicians' music"

This is an innovative and unique event, something that has NEVER been showcased before in the UK.

This is the first public opportunity for british people to know BRAINARM! (

The event will take place at Normansfield theatre in Teddington on the 12th July at 5.00pm.

BRAINARM is a vanguard organic praxis allowing NON-MUSICIANS to compose GOOD QUALITY MUSIC without the need of any instrumental technique or theory knowledge.

ANYONE can express themselves through this proven technique.

We would like to DEMONSTRATE HOW IT WORKS by means of a live demonstration with willing volunteers from the audience. Previously composed pieces through BRAINARM will be performed, plus a video documentary explaining how Brainarm works will be presented.

You can decide to either take part in the demonstration and try the method yourself (only if you are not an advanced musician), or just watch others composing their music. All that we ask is to enjoy this special evening!

Cost of the ticket is 10£. Potential partners will be selected to receive a free ticket.

If you wish to collaborate with us and a get a free ticket, please write to us by our contact page on and we will discuss your proposed role in promoting/supporting Brainarm.

Key-people that can provide significant support to this new musical subject are those who wish to:

- organise further events

- write articles (journalists and bloggers)

- promote and provide public relations service

- fund or find funds

- showcase Brainarm on TV.

- become a certified Brainarm tutor.

To buy and receive your ticket, please write to us by our contact page on our website:

Once you receive your ticket, print it and bring it with you at the event.

Since seats need to be reserved, please contact us asap to book your seat. Then, please reconfirm your presence some days before the event.

Join us and you will have the chance to be part of this big change of mind about music making and about what being a musician really means!

Hoping to have you on board in our enthusiastic team!

View the map of the event HERE

[A bar at the back of the theatre will be open from 5.00 to 5.10 just before the event starts.]



"Heart, voice, hands: a musical triad"

The concert will take place at 3.20 on sunday the 5th of july at Normansfield theatre (Teddington).

Roberta Mancinelli (soprano voice), Guido Mallardi and his students will perform music by Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Dvorak, Bizet, Puccini, Mallardi, also music composed by students through the Brainarm method ( Moreover there will be a live demonstration of the method with willing volunteers from the audience. Cost of the ticket is 5£. Ticket must be booked in advance. Send an email through the CONTACT section to get details on how to reserve yours.

Once you have purchased the ticket you will receive it by email, then print and bring it with you at the event.

View the map HERE



PIANO MASTERCLASS-LECTURE: PIANO TECHNIQUE STENOGRAPHY at Visionary Music School  (England) - Deadline when the full number of students is reached. Visit Visionary Music School to apply.


APM SUMMER MEETING 2014 for pianists, composers and non-musicians. From july the 24th to august the 5th. Subjects: Piano technique & interpretation, Composition & Analysis, Brainarm (composition tutoring for non-musicians) - Application form and more info can should requested by email: info [at]


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Guido Mallardi's pictures shot by photographers








PRICE & RUBIN, music management
music school in Cardiff and SW London

LIZ ARMOUR, proofreader for musicians

NADIA PERROTTA, multimedia artist

GALDSON, ambient pianist-composer


ENZO OREFICE , italian pianist, composer and arranger. Didactics resources available on his website: arrangements & original piano pieces from the composer. Jazz arrangement lessons.





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